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January Meeting ~ Stump the Chumps!

  • January 14, 2020
  • 5:30 PM
  • Fayetteville Courtyard Marriott


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Have you got a question that's been on your mind for a while?  Wondering if your last great idea for a rehab shortcut is workable?  What about those changes in the banking community.  And taxes - are all your deductions still deductible?  Any new ones? It's that time of year again.  Every January we bring together a Panel of Pros to see if you can Stump the Chumps!   

We're especially excited about our Panel this year.  We've added a general contractor to our regular roster of banker, CPA and attorney. 

Steve Real is president of Real Property Services, a handyman company that does everything from home remodels to your very own Honey Do list. Steve is a retired Army MP who's put together a team of 6+ guys, equipment from tractors to power washers and will soon have the ability to GC your next project.  

Matt Przybysb (we call him Matt) is a CPA, a developer and investor with 100+ doors.  Coming from a Fort Smith family of CPA investor/developers, he grew up rehabbing properties, running deal analyses and learning construction techniques.  He's now in Northwest Arkansas ready to handle all your accounting needs and do some deals. 

Sonny Delgado is a lender who has been with REI NWA since the beginning and is responsible for financing a good 30-40% of deals done by our members.  Sonny has recently moved to United Bank - a community bank with a focus on real estate and investor loans - to grow their business as he did with Integrity First Bank. 

Kyle Unser is a partner at Kutak Rock, Arkansas' largest law firm.  His practice focuses on real estate transactions and litigation, tenant/landlord disputes and negotiation, mortgage and lien foreclosures and construction law.  Kyle's clients range from home builders and construction firms to local and regional banks. 

If there's a question that's been bugging you, but you  haven't known who to ask, now is your chance to get a little free advice and meet the guys who you would be proud to have on your team.  Whatever your questions, we've got you covered.  Bring it on!

Our members have voted this their favorite program of the year.  We learn a lot, meet high-profile experts and have a great time.  Join us and see if you can Stump the Chumps! 

We love to hear from new people as well as our members.

Let us know what's on your mind or what you'd like to see at REI NWA. 

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