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Builders Circle - New Septic Ordinance in Bella Vista

  • February 25, 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • Online Zoom


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Even by NWA standards, Bella Vista is a unique municipality. Having experienced extensive growth over the past few years, two seemingly unrelated problems have emerged: bedrooms and septic systems.

It seems that some eager builders are gaining permits for 2-bedroom dwellings with additional rooms attached which are then marketed as 3-4 bedroom houses. This has resulted in overburdened and failing septic systems.

A secondary growth-related issue is the location of existing septic systems and lateral fields. Up to now, there has been no record of where the existing tanks and lateral lines were located. As properties were sold, subdivided and developed, existing systems were compromised resulting in broken septic pipes and potential well water contamination.

We've brought together some of the participants from the committee to discuss how they brought together those involved, identified the issues and worked together to craft a well-reasoned solution. You'll learn

  • How Bella Vista engaged stakeholders to craft a Win-Win solution
  • What the ordinance says
  • Changes to identify location of septic systems
  • What is being done to assist owners and builders going forward
  • How Bella Vista ordinance could spill over into Benton Co regulations
Larry Kelly  is a seasoned investor, real estate broker, contractor, landlord, property manager and one of REI NWA's most valued resource. He's negotiated everything from residential/commercial sales to leases, evictions and keeping tenants in place. Larry has good stuff we want to hear.

Jon Jouvenaux is President of BBB Septic, Storm Shelters and Portable Toilets. An active investor for 15+ years, he brings the perfect combination of knowledgeable expertise in all things septic and the instincts and know-how of a savvy investor. Jon has been a Champion of REI NWA, a mentor and guide to many investors and is well-respected in the NWA community.  

Piper Satterfield is a Septic Design Specialist and the newest addition to the BBB Septic team. A former Sr Environmental Health Specialist with the AR Dept of Health, Piper specializes in onsite wastewater from inspecting it, testing it and determining where it should go. She brings knowledge, experience and connections to every project. 

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