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All four regular meetings now In Person, Streamed and Open to All
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Rookie Nook ~ New Business to Help Find Contractors!

  • March 23, 2023
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • San Miquel Mexican Grill


  • REI NWA Members

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Meetings Now In-Person & Open To All
Non-Members:  $20 Door Charge ~ Members Always Free

Can't find a contractor for your project? You are certainly not alone. Then, once you find a good one, you can only hope to keep them busy enough to hold onto them. Join us to hear about a new business that will help you find and keep good contractors.

Jim Dragovich has started a business that operates something like a temp agency - or maybe it's a dating service. He matches skilled, qualified, and verified sub-contractors, manages their time and wages, handles payroll and sends you a report with an invoice. No muss! No fuss! It's a new business and a great idea so join us Thursday as Jim talks about:

  •  How it works at Seek2Hire
  •  What kind of jobs will his contractors do
  •  Where does he find them
  •  How does he vet them
  •  What does it cost

Jim Dragovichis owner of Seek2Hire and Seek2Work, a new business helping connect subcontractors with local jobs, General Contractors and investors. In 2019 Jim was invited to attend a workshop teaching construction companies how to retain employees and it was clear the larger issue was finding the skilled workers to begin with which set Jim on a path of his current business.

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