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All four regular meetings now In Person, Streamed and Open to All
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Main Meeting ~ REI Negotiating Techniques

  • May 18, 2023
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Hilton Garden Inn Bentonville


  • REI NWA Members

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Non-Members: $20 Door Charge

Members Always Free

Mastering the art of REI negotiating can be intimidating.  Better to be practiced up for when the time comes, than choke on a prospect and lose the deal.  Role playing, script studying, and great coaches are ways to gain confidence and perfect the art.  

Tonight be “edutained” as we will get the dos and don’ts of negotiating from two of our seasoned pros as they go head-to-head negotiating several investment scenarios. Guaranteed to be a fun, interesting and informative program with our guys who are knowledgeable, funny, and charismatic. 

Larry and Austin will role play buyers, sellers and even potential tenants to demonstrate negotiating techniques they've developed over many years and a wide range of businesses. We'll give them three scenarios and watch the magic. 

  •    Buy/Sell Scenario
  •    Tenant Selection Scenario
  •    Creative Financing Scenario
  •    Audience Picked Scenario – Lets see their skill with a hot potato

Larry Kelly is a seasoned investor, real estate broker, contractor, landlord, property manager and one of REI NWA's most valued resource. He's negotiated everything from residential/commercial sales to leases, evictions and keeping tenants in place. Larry has good stuff we want to hear.

Austin Rawls was our online host during Covid and is well-known to our members. A savvy real estate investor and the co-owner of Perfect Edge Lawn Care and Landscaping. Real estate investing is at the heart of his business decisions. Real estate investing portfolio consists of LTR/STR rentals, flips, and several deals where he was the bank to other real estate investors. 

We love to hear from new people as well as our members.

Let us know what's on your mind or what you'd like to see at REI NWA. 

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